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Booshie Bagz | Bespoke Luxury Urban Bags, London

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Booshie Bagz
Telephonework: 0208 4611910


Distance from you: 5922.87 km

Business Overview:

Booshie Bagz stands for urban love, life and luxury! Edgy fashion rebellion that oozes individuality and boldness, that dares to step outside limited mainstream fashion. A cut above the general status quo of fashion accessories. Booshie Bagz ˜FASHION AGAINST YOUTH VIOLENCE Whatever creativity is, it is in part a solution to a problem. - Brian Aldiss Booshie Bagz is one of the latest fashion trends to hit the U.K. but it doesn't stop there. It's all about a little positivity which we love. Not only are these new bags hot they come with a cause and meaning. Booshie Bagz is a new concept in urban fashion accessories a conscious brand of 'Fashion against Youth Violence' as in the UK it was reported by the British home office that 72 of our youth were murdered in 2008 and over 40 youths have been brutally murdered in 2009 and the numbers are rising. The aim for the brand is to open a creative studio.. The Booshie studio will be the heart of the brand a space oozing with young enthusiastic creative people and producing beautiful British handmade accessories, using traditional Cordwainers skills (traditional handbag making skills, which are dying out in the UK). It will be the centre point where hard work, discipline and social values will be practiced through fashion; engaging with young people in the community and beyond. The Booshie studio is a community youth project which would allow the Booshie brand to work with young people through creative apprenticeships helping them gain qualifications and skills in the creative sector. The studio would give young people a safe environment where they can explore their creative talents, socialise, learn new skills and re-engage with society; a place of belonging being part of a creative family and appreciated rather than exposed to a violent environment and gang culture.


Booshie BagZ are exclusive custom made bags, handmade with love using traditional Cordwainers skills with a contemporary twist. Booshie bespoke bags are made to order for a specific customer made from high quality leather which is sewn with extreme attention to detail and finish, often using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques. Only one of each bag is made, making each product 100% unique.

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