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Urban Fashion Fix: Celebrity Body Shape Guide Part 1 – Pear’s | Style

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Urban Fashion Fix: Celebrity Body Shape Guide Part 1 – Pear’s | Style

Everyone knows that women come in all different shapes and sizes. However, did you know that everyone has a body shape that will not change, whether you gain or loose weight? This shape is your body frame and effects how your body stores weight, it’s is genetic.

In this month’s Urban Fashion Fix Kizzie Amor presents a guide showing you how to dress according to your natural body shape, making the most of your assets. In this article we’ll help you dress for your shape, whether you’re confident or not, and reveal simple tricks on how to draw attention to your best bits, counter-balancing any problem areas.

This article will be spilt into four parts, starting with The Pear body shape.

Pear: Attributes

Pear’s have slim shoulders, average boobs and hips wider than their shoulder width. Variations within the pear shape are either; a full curvy bum and thighs (Classic Pear) or small/flat bum with full thighs (Skittle shape); or larger hips and fuller thighs than a classic pear, plus or minus a curvy bottom (Bell shape). Pears are prone to gain weight around hips and thighs.

Pear Celeb’s: Rihanna (Classic Pear), Beyonce (Classic Pear), Jennifer Lopez (Bell), Shakira (Skittle), Alicia Keys (Bell)

Pear Body Shape - Celebrity Collage

Well tone and confident Pears can wear the fashionable jumpsuits drawing attention to well toned arms, shoulders and backs. Harem pants with a fitted vest/top will highlight toned, slender, torsos. But be sure to wear them with heels to avoid adding extra bulk to already curvy hips. Think Rihanna; dressing young and fresh, making the best of her curves.

Rihanna: Classic Pear – Body Shape
Rihanna picture 1 - Swim-wear

Rihanna picture 2 - Evening gown

For a more classic look, wear fitted dresses that skim the hips, and off the shoulder or V-neck dresses which create an illusion of balance (looking like an Hourglass shape). Think Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez when dressing up for an occasion.

J-Lo: Bell Pear – Body Shape
J-Lo picture 1 - Red dress

J-Lo picture 2 - Bikini

Beyonce: Classic Pear – Body Shape
Beyonce picture 1 - Red carpet dress

Beyonce picture 2 - Bikini

For less confident Pear’s you can create balance by wearing darker colours on your bottom half; a-line skirt and empire line dress, which is fitted on top and flows around the hips. Wear heels where possible to elongate the legs, slimming the legs and calves. Wear wide lapels on coats and blazers to give the illusion of wide shoulder, wear lighter shades and print on your top half to draw the eye up to the smallest part of the body. You can top that with ruffles on shoulders, or puffed sleeves, to create wider shoulders that will compliment the hips. Halter necks give the illusion of making the shoulders look broader, balancing out with your wider than normal hips.

Avoid skinny jeans unless you are confident. Stick to straight legged jeans which avoid tightening around the calves and avoid the hips looking bigger. Avoid wearing loose fitted clothing on top, aim to draw attention to the smallest part of body (your top half) with fitted tops.

Pear Body Shape - Clothes Suggestions

Here are a few other pears that might be familiar to you..

Other celebrity Pear’s

Shakira: Skittle Pear – Body Shape
Shakira picture 1 - Red carpet

Shakira picture 2 - Play suit

Alicia Keys: Bell Pear – Body Shape
Alicia Keys picture 1 - Purple dress on the red carpet

Alicia Keys picture 2 - casual photo

We hope Part 1 of of our Body Shape Guide proved helpful and encourages all you Pear’s out there to try something different and make the most of those curves!

Look out for Part 2 of our guide which will be the famous Hourglass body shape.

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