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WIARD FM is intended to be the premiere online magazine/radio station catering (initially) for the Midlands, and more recently London. Within the pages of WIARD FM you will find; Music News, Event Listings, Event Photo Galleries, Features (music, fashion, health & beauty, lifestyle, performing arts etc), Interviews, Video Magazine shows and more.

How do I subscribe to the magazine?

The online magazine is made available via our monthly (sometimes bi-weekly) newsletter, if you would like to subscribe to the newsletter the please visit our Newsletter page where you can manage your subscription. All the content/articles from the newsletter is also made available through the main site.

What we do:

One of main objectives is to help promote home-grown music talent within the region to the 16-24 year old audience demographic. The music coverage of the site focuses mainly on the urban genres (R&B, UKG, Grime, Bassline & Funky House, Dance, Reggae Dancehall), but also included a wider range of contemporary genres which include;  Drum & Bass, Dub Step, indie rock and more.

Primarily, the WIARD FM online magazine is the number one location to find the latest in; music, events and entertainment throughout the Midlands, making all this available within a few clicks of your mouse. We have also recently begun the implementation of the WIARD FM: Mobile, a version of the website dedicated to mobile users, which has been optimised for smaller screen sizes and to use the minimum amount of bandwidth (ideal for users on pay-as-you-go data tariffs). To view the mobile version of the site click the ‘Mobile version’ link located at the top of the page on the the standard version of the site.

Who’s behind WIARD FM?

WIARD FM is an extension of the WIARD brand. The WIARD brand is currently being held by WIARD Promotions and the term WIARD is an acronym meaning; Working Intelligently Around Real Dilemmas. WIARD Promotions, and subsequently WIARD FM, was created as an enterprise focused on the use of innovative methods and philosophies in order to solve the many problems faced by both business & industry, and social communities. For more information on WIARD Promotions please visit the WIARD Promotions website.


WIARD FM™ is an attempt work around the dilemmas faced by the music industry today with the advent of the Internet. We seek to harness the full power of the Internet, and other related technologies, rather than try to restrict it (as many big players in the industry are trying to do) and help to realise the full benefits for artists and distributors alike.

Getting in touch:

If you would like to get in touch with us for any reason then please use the form on our Contact page. If you are an event promoter and would to have you event listed in our events directory the please read through the Promoters page before doing so.

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